I got a call from Dan Palmer (missions pastor at my home church) yesterday afternoon. He told me that Creekside’s support check came back to them that day with a letter from New Tribes Mission stating that I have resigned from the agency and will not be going on the trip. Ummm, what? I was totally surprised and thrown off. Dan was calling to make sure that the information he received was correct, but as far as my knowledge goes, this is not correct. I have not been contacted at all concerning this. So by Dan’s advice (and any amount of common sense), I contacted my coordinators at NTM, leaving a message of concern.

In the meantime, please contact me if this has happened to you as well: Please forgive this occurrence, and know that we are working on solving the situation. I will keep you updated as I learn more.

God has been teaching me this year about His goodness–no matter what goes on in our lives. Whether I graduate college, Carly carries the baby full-term, my sister gets a surgery date–or not–God is still good. He is faithful despite our faithlessness, and He is mighty despite our frailty. This is what truly matters. Eric (I think it was Eric) reminded us at Bible study on Sunday that nothing comes as a surprise to God. This event is not throwing God off. He has a greater plan and purpose. May this time of waiting be a fulfillment of that, as we all learn to grow and abide more fully in Him.


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