7 Days and Counting…

It’s officially one week until I leave for PNG. I really haven’t thought much about it, probably due to the fact that graduation just happened on Friday and most energies and efforts were focused on graduaton. Now that I’m home in Sacramento I have one week to recover from a striking case of Laryengitis and to get all packed up and ready to go. I got a new backpack at REI yesterday and I spent most of the day wearing it around the house. Outdoors-y things like that tend to make me very happy. 🙂

I saw Pastors Duane and Dan at church yesterday morning–it was so wonderful to be welcomed back by our amazing staff at Creekside. They both expressed how excited they are for me to go to PNG and all that the Lord has in store. It was encouraging.

The reality of going is starting to hit me more now. I think that this week will be full of running errands, unpacking and then repacking. More people here at home are aware that I am going, and have been super encouraging in asking how they can be praying, helping out, etc. Sometimes I don’t know how to think about going. Yes, I know I am going. But I don’t know who I am going with (they are just names on a screen at this point) and I don’t know what I will encounter there (beyond the basics that have already been shared). There are still so many unknowns in my book: how the teaching will be different from Master’s, the culture, the reception of the gospel, the language, the other teammates, daily routine things, etc. Clearly, this is how the Lord has ordained it. What would I be risking if I were to be going to a totally familiar place and doing what I know I can do? Where is the challenge and learning experience in that? Not that we cannot learn from everyday things. But the point of this trip to PNG is for those very purposes.

I’ll be speaking to the missions board/team at Frist Presbyterian Church of Roseville tomorrow night on behalf of the Urbana kids they sent this past winter. What an honor, that they would choose a student who is not even really a part of their church (me) to address them. Additionaly, P Ron asked if I would share my PNG/heart for missions with them. Of course! I would love to! I just get so excited when I get to share about God’s grace and His work in our lives.

I will do what I can to keep this blog a little bit more updated as I preapare for PNG departure, and then my sister will take it over from there.


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