This week I have been recovering from the virus known as Laryngitis, which means that I sleep a lot due to the medicines I am taking (not that viruses can be treated by meds, but that meds can help relieve the symptoms). Among the three OTC drugs I am taking a sleeping pill at night that has antihistamines in it. By taking the pill at 9:30pm I can be knocked out by 10 or so. This is a beautiful thing. Last night I took only 1/2 of the antihistamine because recovery is going so well. Alas, I woke up at about 3:00am this morning totally thinking about the reality of PNG. I think it’s finally hit: I am going to PNG. And I realized that I haven’t been losing sleep over it because I am putting things in me that force my body to rest! So it’s official now: I’m losing sleep over thinking about PNG too much.

A few of my teammates have written a mass email to the whole team introducing themselves. One of the girls’ emails screams“home-school” and another guy who seemed pretty legit ended his email with “I’m dating so-and-so. We’ve been going out [*yes, he used the actual phrase of ‘going out’] for two years. Are there any other couples out there?” Are you joking me? Here’s a good spot to launch into prayer requests as the time for departure nears:

  1. humility     Elijah laughed when I told him this tonight, so allow me to explain. When it comes to the other students, I have a tendency to be extremely prideful. I think of the accomplishments that I have over them, such as being a college graduate at age 20, coming from a strong theological and biblical background, and having a “connection” with New Tribes. Pride may not manifest itself outwardly in my life (perhaps eventually it will), so pray especially for my heart to be humble. I am a part of a team, and I am more than confident that the Lord will teach me great things through these other students that He has hand-selected to be on the team.
  2. a teachable spirit     I want to be a learner. Having a teachable spirit comes hand-in-hand with humility, and pray that I am eager to learn not only from the other students, but the missionaries and full-time staff as well. My adviser, Dr. Tatlock, has asked that I seek out a missionary couple/family that can be my mentors while in PNG. They would be people that I go to with questions, concerns, clarification, and an open heart to. Ideally, I would meet with them at least once a week. Pray that we would quickly find one another and that I would not hesitate to ask questions, ready to learn.
  3. an open heart     The purpose of this trip is somewhat educational and somewhat “other.” The “other” part of it has to do with me looking at the possibilities of full-time career mission work in Bible translation. I will be observing and learning the “ropes” of basic Bible translation in PNG, so pray that I would be open to whatever God chooses to expose me to.
  4. family     My family is generally excited for me to go to PNG, and as you can imagine, it is quite the topic of conversation. However, I am sure that my mom especially will do her fair share of worrying while I am away. My grandparents will be overseas at the same time as me, and my older sister has been in South Korea since last September. Pray that the Lord would bring them comfort while I am away, and that worry will not consume them as we will basically be out of contact (or the least amount of contact that we’ve ever been in).
  5. testimony     It has already been so neat to watch the Lord work as I tell nonbelievers in my life about this trip to PNG and why I am going. Pray that as I am away learning new things and as I come back to give reports and catch up that the Lord will shine through my testimony. I want this life to be about Him.

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