Greetings from Singapore

Well, we’re 1/2 way there (or just over that)! The flight from LAX to Taipei was about 14 hours, and then we had another 4-hour flight from Taipei to Singapore. We experienced the airport in-between for about 20 minutes, and the landscape is absolutely beautiful! I have only 10 minutes to post, and since nothing really exciting has happened, I’ll save it for later. We have a 11-hour layover here in Singapore before flying out to Port Moresby and then to Garoka from there. During this layover we will be going on a tour of Singapore that lasts about 2 hours and we’ll get to go down the river. It’s called a “cultural tour.” So I’ll post more about that one after we enjoy it! Just for Robby: yes, the airport here is all that you had heard…and more! I’ll mail you a brochure and map of it once I’m back in the states. See if you can stop over on your way to India–it’s worth it! Just kidding!

Praying for you all!


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