Today we went to the closest village, Yamiyalo, for
the village market. The villagers put this on specially
for the Interface students and staff. I was writing to Tim
at church that it’s similar to bargaining in Mexico.
Except that the “market” covers about a 200-yard radius
and consists of the villagers placing their goods on tarps
in front of their houses. The villagers make and sell
things like:
– bows and arrows
– spears
– jewelry (of all kinds)
– drums
– bilums (sewn bags/purses)
– traditional dress
– carved bamboo objects for decoration
The currency used here in PNG is called “kina” and the
exchange rate is about 3.5 kina to 1 American dollar.
It was interesting to be buying things from people that we
have already met. They were proud to be selling their
goods to us, and were asking about who we got certain
things from. We stayed up there for about an hour and a
half just looking and chatting. The goods of popularity
were bows and arrows for the boys and bilums for all.
Tomorrow we are going to Lapilo, the NTM base. Then in a
couple of weeks we’ll be going into Garoka for more
cultural experience.
I really have nothing spiritually profound to say, so
enjoy the everyday happenings of life!

– two of Interface’s short-term staff left yesterday
morning because their term was up. Willi and Alena are
both from Germany, and they are not sure what is in store
for them from here. Willi is getting married next spring,
so just pray for direction for all! Pray that their shoes
and roles will be filled as other short-term staff steps
up and that the missionary kids coming in and out would be
of help as well.
– for the salvation of the Bena tribe. They are such a
lost people, but PTL that there are about 5-6 believers in
the Yamiyalo village. Their NTM missionaries are coming
back from furlough shortly, so pray that they would
experience the grace and perseverance of the Lord as they
continue to fight the synergism of the previous ways.
– for our hearts as students here, that we would be
sensitive to the cultural values and traditions as well as
learners of the truth as the gospel is accurately and
effectively furthered.


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  1. Your Opa

    Dear Granddaughter, I thought you would like to see this e-mail I got from a cousin in Arkansas. Love you, Opa.
    Subj: Re: Katey, in New Guinea
    Date: 6/6/2007 5:48:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    From: judyc@cei.net
    To: Tomingew@aol.com
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    Tom, Please remember to include me in the postings from Katie. I enjoy so much reading her insights. I sent them to my Aunt Toots and also to her son Jeff who is a Chaplain for Shasta Co. He said that he is very jealous of her, but admires so much her writings and she is so ON FIRE for the LORD!!! He enjoyed so much her writings, so please let her know that she is reaching many others besides just her family with her observations. Please keep them coming. Jeff said that he should have started at the beginning but he started at the end and read backwards, so he felt as though he was watching a movie or reading a book backwards…ha! But he finally “got it”. She is “very talented” and writes a lot like her grandfather.

    I hope all is well??? You will be leaving soon I guess for Germany huh? Take care.

    Love, Judy & Donnie

    ——-Original Message——-

    From: Tomingew@aol.com
    Date: 06/05/07 20:27:32
    To: chral06@Yahoo.com
    Subject: Katey, in New Guinea

    If you are interested in reading our Granddaughter’s (Katey) updates on her adventures in New Guinea, you can click on this URL Papua New Guinea … hopefully it will work. You can also see her regular “Blog” at The Wright Blog which she started some time ago.


    See what’s free at http://www.aol.com.

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