Right before our team left PNG (and me!) a couple people put together this suystem where we each wrote each other little notes and delivered them accordingly. It kinda reminded me of leaving valentines in each other’s bags in elementary school. Well, I just now got around to reading the thoughtful notes from the team, and the very last one I read had some insightful words in it: “Don’t let anything discourage you.” It’s only by God’s perfect timing that today is the day that I am most discouraged. There are a few things that have been discouraging about today, and I will not go into detail, but I ended up reading Psalm 42 and meditating on it for the purposes of seeking comfort from the Lord. My enemies are not pursuing me as they were David, and there really is no reason to be discouraged. It’s just sin. Sin that gets in the way of loving God. I was talking with Liz earlier about our shared discouragement

me: You’d think I would get what God is trying to teach me after take 127.

Liz: You’re only on take 127? Wait until you get to take 633.

Com’ on now! Why do we place our hope in false things, things that will fade and die and burn along with the rest of the world? I want my heart to continually be echoing the words of David in Psalm 42:11, “Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.”

Back to the note. Don’t let anything discourage you. God is bigger than that. Discouragement is not from the Lord and has the potential of only getting in the way of truly worshipping and serving him. According to the process of Biblical change (Eph. 4:22-24), (1) put off, (2) be renewed, and (3) put on:

put off discouragement, be changed by God’s Word, and put on encouragement

Don’t let anything discourage you!


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