My name is Kate Wright and I am about to graduate from The Master’s College in SoCal. I am a Biblical Studies major with an double-emphasis in both Missions and Biblical Counseling. As a missons emphasis, I am required to go on a field-based semester, much like an internship for any other field of study. Upon the counsel of my advisor, Dr. Tatlock, I have started a blog to keep all those who are supporting me (prayer, financially, etc.) updated accordingly. He was explaining to me that this method is quickly taking the place of what we know as quarterly prayer letters, as they are more accessible, more cost-effective, and faster.

So as the endeavors of PNG begin to happen, I will post more so that you might be able to pray accordingly and walk this journey alongside me.

When I actually arrive in PNG, I will be able to email one person once a week. I have chosen to email one of my sisters, and she will then post from that email onto this blog.

I look forward to what the Lord has in store! Until then, enjoy.


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